Piano Lessons from Home with Music For Me

Piano lessons with Music For Me are not the piano lessons you remember!

A Better Experience

Many people have experienced piano lessons in their childhood that bring back not-so-fond memories. Piano lessons with Music For Me are NOT those lessons! We believe that piano lessons should be empowering and engaging, and our teachers are sure to bring the fun! Our piano students are learning skills and concepts that turn them into well-rounded musicians, and help them build a genuine connection to music. Through piano lessons from home, our teachers are able to create an environment that is informative and progressive, but also age-appropriate and exciting!

What do we need in order to take piano lessons?

You will need a piano or keyboard in order to take piano lessons. A full-sized, 88-key instrument is recommended, but always check with your teacher to determine if your instrument is useful for your skill level.

You may also need method books. These will be determined by your teacher as well.

Why take piano lessons through Music For Me?

Our piano students (and their families) love taking piano lessons from home! (No commute!) We also ensure that lessons are tailored to each student’s needs, and our teachers are dedicated to making lessons fun, which makes our lessons some of the best piano lessons around!

Who are your teachers?

Excellent question! To find out more about our teachers, click the Our Teachers tab in the navigation. You can scroll through our teacher bios and learn more about their experience and philosophies.

Are you ready for piano lessons?

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