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Students come to voice lessons for a variety of reasons. Some students want to land a role in a school play, or one day compete on The Voice. Some students just want to sing for themselves or their family and friends. But most students come to lessons looking to build confidence and feel great about their voice! That where Music For Me’s Voice Lessons From Home program comes into play!

Our teachers are experienced in singing and teaching multiple genres of music. Our focus is creating an environment that turns singing into an experience of joy, and takes away some of the uncertainty and discomfort of performing in front of a crowd.

Students taking voice lessons have the chance to explore their technique with teachers who are well-trained and always keep their singer’s health and happiness in mind.

What type of voice lessons do you offer?

Our teachers are equipped to teach singers how to sing beautifully and healthfully in a multitude of genres. Be sure to mention your specific interests when you register so that we can pair you with the teacher who will best fit your needs!

Who can take voice lessons?

There is much debate within the voice community around what age is appropriate to begin voice lessons. Music For Me voice teachers have different age requirements that coincide with the ages they feel comfortable teaching. All Music For Me voice teachers hold vocal health as a top priority. Music For Me suggests that students under 6 years of age study piano to gain musical skill before taking on voice lessons.

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers’ biographies and philosophies can be found under the “Our Teachers” tab in the navigation.

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